The Pink Chiquitas Movie 1987

Comedy film about a pink meteor that lands near a small town, turning its female residents into nymphomaniacs.

Hotshot private detective Tony Mareda Jr. arrives in the town of Beamsville being pursued by the hit men of mob boss Don Enchilada. As he dispatches them at the local drive through, a pink meteor roars overhead and crashes in the nearby woods. The townspeople tear off in pursuit, but as the young couples thrash through the woods in search of the rock the women are turned into ravenous nymphomaniacs. Next morning, their boyfriends are found in delirious shock and there is an empty crater where the meteor landed. Worried about what the event will do to his reelection bid, the mayor enlists Tony's help in solving the mystery. As he begins to investigate, however, local TV weatherman Clip Bacardi goes on the air with a chunk of the meteorite he found in the woods, and the sound of it transforms all of the women in town into scantily-clad vixens. A posse hunting for the meteor encounters Clip's girlfriend Mary Ann Kowalski, the local librarian who is now organizing a takeover of the town. After subduing her, Tony and Cliff go back into the woods and find the meteor in a cave, where the women come to worship it. With the remaining men in town reduced to stupefied zombies, Tony and Cliff are captured and Tony offered as a sacrifice to the meteor. As the meteor draws Tony to it, however, its powers cause the cave wall to break apart and wash it into the town lake, destroying it and returning the women to normal. (IMDb).

Sex Stories Post

Free sex stories, from authors all over the world. Has not been updated for years but it contains a reasonable list of mind control stories.
Sex Stories Post Mind Control

Comics From Hell

Mind control comics mainly based on television and superhero themes.
Comics From Hell Mind Control

Remote Controlled Sister Video

Ludella Hahn stars in this solo performance. She is your sister who gradually strips and changes by your 'Reality Controller" app.

Smashwords - EBooks

Smashwords is the world's largest distributor of indie online ebooks. It offers a catalog of over 350,000 vetted, well-formatted ebooks from over 100,000 authors and publishers. There is a mind control section where you may switch "Adult Content" on or off. Some books are free to read.

Smashwords Mind Control

Click: Ultimate Attraction - X Rated Video

AKA The Body Beautiful (1997) directed by Rolfe Kanefsky. The "Clicker," based upon the comic book of Milo Manara, falls (literally) into the hands of Linda and Ben who use it to save the Spa at which they work.

Mindshift Part I - Game

Mind Shift is set in a college town in the northwestern United States. You will take on the role of a male graduate student in psychology and budding hypnotherapist. Your goal is to make your lovely neighbor, Bree, your hypnotized plaything in the alotted time, all while earning your degree. Mind Shift is a combination of sequential exploration, puzzle-solving, and stat management.

Over its multi-year development, Mind Shift's design goals have changed many times, from standard harem-builder to more character-focused and less sex-driven gameplay. Some hallmarks of the harem-builder legacy remain but all in all Mind Shift is EMC with a small e.

Mind Shift Part I runs on RAGS BETA 2.4.16.
Mindshift Part I v1e, 135MB, released June 10, 2015
Mind Shift was produced with the assistance of:

Lead testers:
  • chaosrevolver
  • mrg
Additional testing:
  • Alex Tracer
  • fiftysheep
  • Shuqoyqa
  • melloten
  • armnit
Design consultant:
  • lydia02
Media assistant:
  • Guntag
...and many others, including the donors and those who provided encouragement along the way.

 Notes on play
- Loading and closing a game can take up to ten seconds, depending on your machine.
- The --> and --|| symbols you see in text indicates for you whether new action/dialog options have opened on the same object or character. --> means there is, --|| means there isn't.
- All mandatory puzzles and riddles can be solved using only in-game clues. But pencil, paper, and Google may be useful.
- The riddles are designed for native English speakers. If you are not you may have a distinct disadvantage. Post in the forum or contact me via email if you need help.

HMovie Moe - X Rated Animations

Hentai Videos (Not available in Japan)
HMovie Moe Hentai Videos

Pictures, comics and videos of hentai, doujinshi, manga, adorable amateurs and everything else. Can be searched by mind control and hypnotized filters.

Doujin Moe Comics

Japanese comics translated to English. WARNING: Some comics contain Lolita

Doujin Moe Comics

Hypnotic Dreams - Novels and Short Stories

Hypnotic Dreams, by Angraecus Daniels, originally stemmed from a desire to introduce more women to erotic hypnosis. But it has evolved into a unique and artistic synthesis of sexual fantasy, storytelling, hypnosis, NLP, D/s, sexual philosophy, and personal growth.
Hypnotic Dreams

The Hypnotized Video - YouTube

A dramatised film of a fellow who uses hypnosis to bring sisters over to his side. (Good over acting by the bearded guy)

Come Under My Spell Video - X Rated

A guy uses hypnosis to turn a sexy lady (Darla Crane) into the barman's woman.

The Cursed Ring Video - X Rated

A magical ring that puts a bossy MILF under his control.

Family Love Aphrodisiac Spikespen - X Rated

An aphrodisiac accidentally sends Japanese women wild.

Spank Bang Video Playlist - X Rated

Spank Bang regularly adds mind control and hypnosis videos to its playlists.

View the past week's hypno videos:
 Spankbang Hypnotized

Candy Factory - X Rated Video

Employees go for a hypnosis session and are accidentally given sexy suggestions.

Up Pompeii - The Love Potion - Comedy Episode

The lighter side of mind control. A comedy sketch made in the 70s or 80s.

Divas - Jav Video - X Rated

A Japanese video about a guy with a light that hypnotises a diva.

Saimin Gakuen Hypnotic Love - Hentai Cartoon

Murakoshi Yuta is an extraordinary student at an ordinary high school.. but he isn’t treated in an extraordinary way. Infact, every student hates him. Ontop of that, even the teachers and other students’ parents hate him, as well. His life is in despair. At least, until one day...

Come Under My Spell Movie - X Rated

Old porn movie.  The sexually desperate Fernando is a foreign exchange student taking classes in hip 1970’s San Francisco. His best friend Dave uncovers a used book about sexual Hypnotism, will they use it to fulfill their every desire?


The Magic Remote

The Magic Remote (Body Switcher/Time Stop/Transformation) by Three Degrees Off Center Productions. Two things about getting a Magical Remote: first read the directions and second, never test it out on your friends.

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five 

Part Six

Part Seven

Part Eight

Part Nine

Part Ten

Part Eleven

Part Twelve

Part Thirteen

Part Fourteen

Japanese Mothers and Daughters - X Rated

Japanese Mothers and Daughters are hypnotised by a magic crystal ball and flash light.

Hypnosis video playlist (watch out for pop up windows).

Beware: suspected malware so use strong antivirus protection when viewing this site.


Magic Pill Video - X Rated

Magic sex pill turns Mom into a Super Slut

Invasion Of The Bee Girls Movie - R Rated

A powerful cosmic force is turning Earth women into queen bees who kill men by wearing them out sexually. Video Channels

Some mind control video channels.
Mindless - Timestop, Robots, Hypnosis
Erotic Hypnosis Only - A group for erotic hypnosis only
Mind Control Search - Sorted By Date
Hypnotized Search - Sorted By Date

Corrupting The Priestess Game

By Pyorgara
You play as Marcus, a very successful businessman that is about to foreclose on a church when a very tempting offer is dropped in his laps by Aliane, the gorgeous high priestess.

Jbvljkvwlfh's YouTube Channel

Collection of short mind control clips

Hypnotized Lewd Delusion - X Rated

Japanese mind control device. A salary man who works a boring job with lots of females in his department is one day given a funny looking device by an old man at a park.

When he turns on the device in the office, he is able to convey subliminal messages and instructions to invoke responses from the girls in the office. For example, in his first prank, he tells the girls in the hypnotic trance that if the telephone starts ringing, they will all have orgasms. Starring: Rimu Himeno, Yu Haruka, Yuuka Murase, Shion, Yayoi Shimokita, Neo Kazitani and many more amateur girls

Shy Guy Hypnotizes Boss - X Rated

Mexican guy uses his phone app to hypnotize his boss.

Friends Playing a Console Game - X Rated

Brandi Belle and friends playing a computer game while something weird happens.
Brandi Belle Website

Free Will Game

A little choose-your-own-adventure style mind-control themed flash game

Sex Files: Alien Erotica II - X Rated

Sex Files FBI agent Forrest returns, investigating a fungus that turns women into nymphomaniacs, and a mysterious hotel room where people disappear.

Sex Files: Alien Erotica - X Rated

An alien fungus takes on a body and jumps from woman to woman, draining men of their sexual energies while inducing nymphomania in the women whose form it takes. A pair of intrepid government agents must track her down and stop her.
Director: Rolfe Kanefsky

The Kristen Archives - Mind Control Stories

This archive is based upon Kristen's collection of erotic stories. It was begun by her in 1997 and has been built on extensively since then.

Cheerleader Learns a Lesson - X Rated

Pristine Edge is hypnotized by a mobile phone and goes cross eyed.

A Sex Stories - Mind Control

Erotic, Sex, XXX, Adult & Porn Free stories

Girls Controlled at Reddit

This is a place to share content involving mind control (hypnosis, concoctions, devices, etc.) and possession (vampires, demons, alien parasites, etc.)

Celebrity Sex Stories Archive

Celebrity sex stories archive including hypnosis, bondage, pregnancy, fisting, spanking, drugged and femdom.

HBrowse Comics

A hentai manga database featuring a free online reader and free download mirrors of English-translated adult doujinshi. Filtered by hypnosis.

Master IPad Device (full movie) - X Rated

Geeky Japanese guy uses his mind control iPad on his class mates and teacher

Dracula's Great Love (full movie)

Four women spend the night in an old deserted sanitarium on a mountain. They each in turn fall into the the evil hands of a doctor who forces them to suck each others blood and to whip innocent village virgins so they can lick the oozing cuts clean.

Legacy of the Ancients - RAGS Game

By Lilith

Welcome to Locus Solus, a secret base of the Terran Authority. Well, not so much since you've been sent on the planet in order to mess up with the Authority for the glory of the Kult. Find and infiltrate the Terran secret base to discover all its secrets. Play Kylia, a greedy Kult mercenary ready to do anything  to get what she wants. But be careful, you won't be the only spy on this mission. Kumiko, the Baroness's daughter has been sent here too...!B5xRGDpA!uNBRO8Hy7UsW-bAW7_F6A0UJNiJrJWlKF3M4H9XN7k8

Version 1.01 Mega :!B5xRGDpA!uNBRO8Hy7UsW-bAW7_F6A0UJNiJrJWlKF3M4H9XN7k8
Version 1.01 Mediafire  :

Size : 110 megs
Length : about 3 hours
Themes : MC, sci-fi, lesbian

Zany Afterthoughts

A Not Official List of Hypnosis Stuff on Tumblr. Quite a good list that is regularly updated.

Mangafap Comics

Manga / Hentai comics filtered by a "mind control" tag

Hentai Babes Controlled By Drugs - X Rated

A big boobed, special agent is controlled by drugs to have sex (episode one)

Please email me if you find the entire movie

Click - Balls Of Thunder (full movie) - X Rated

From the Rod Steele 0014 Click series about a remote control device that turns women on.

Chyoo Interactive Stories - MInd Control

Chyoo is an interactive adult fiction site. It offers a truly interactive story-telling environment where readers determine the outcome of the stories.

Voyer's Television Listing

Weekly listing of upcoming TV programs and movies on American cable and syndicated television which in some way feature hypnofetish material in their plots.